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snuck wrote in chaplains
Well folks, I thought I should set up a comm that might enable people seeking information about chaplaincy, or involved in chaplaincy to discuss some of the facets of it.

I'm a 'Street Chaplain' in Perth, where we team up on a roster and walk the streets of Northbridge (Western Australia) in the entertainment precincts from 11pm until about dawn on Fridays and Saturdays.  In doing so we come across a huge variety of people - young and old, out having fun and out forgetting woes, street kids and homeless older people, indigenous Australians, people of all sorts of faiths and backgrounds and with all sorts of stories and ideas.

We aren't an evangelical movement, and are loosely organised through Urban City Mission - a non-denominational group who work with the Inner City Group of Churches.

I've also worked with youth and teens for years - scouts, cadets, and in emergency service settings - and I've always felt a calling to provide pastoral support and gentle guidance.  I feel that over the years I've had amazing opportunities to minister to people whilst not being officially representing a church or deliberately presenting any ideals and Christian laden messages.  I'm about to embark on some School Chaplaincy work, in a very small rural town.

I feel very strongly that our role is to walk with people in their spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical journeys, as Christ walked with us all those years ago.  To show God's love and grace, as his servants, in any way we can, and to remain open to His word and prescence as we walk with people.

I welcome members here who are interested in a similar experience - of walking with people on their journeys - and invite open discussion and sharing of ideas, thoughts and prayers from both Christian and non-Christian alike.


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